7B: Tutorial Assignment

Due Thursday, 3/2

For this assignment, create a step-by-step tutorial as a blog post demonstrating a particular technique, tool, or other helpful how-to discovery you’ve made over the past several weeks in this course.

You can highlight a technique that you have discovered in class, in your project work, or pick a DH tool that we haven’t discussed yet and figure out an interesting use case for it.  (Or, vice versa, pick a use case and figure out a potentially viable DH tool.)

If you’re stuck for ideas, the Dirt Digital Research Tools directory offers an extensive list of software for academic uses.

Dirt Digital Research Tools: http://dirtdirectory.org

Once you have an idea, create an online tutorial for the rest of us and the wider world to start paying forward what you’ve learned in the course and becoming the “local computer expert.”

Tutorials involving screencasts, screen captures, and “1-2-3” step-by-step instructions are not terribly hard to create.  For examples, you can look at some of the posts for this class, or see the software posts on the Profhacker blog.  As for software, if you Google “how to create tutorials screenshot” you’ll be overwhelmed with options.


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