Final Project Week #7 Updates

Group Members: Shatian Wang and Melanie Xu

We have processed our data and coded them into personal profiles of individuals, and compared and contrasted them for future use. At hand we have 11 interviewees’ profile and we are in the process of obtaining written consent from a few of them (others have agreed to public use of their material). But in the event of our inability to obtain such consent, we are prepared to only display the profiles of 8 interviewees who agreed to public presentation of their stories. In all, we have built our database of people, places, photos, and city histories/background.

Our original idea of tracing each individual’s migration pattern with an interactive and individualized map was met with some resistance as we could not find the map model that best suits our needs. So we’ve decided to use instead the storymap template on ArcGIS that would similarly present the stories in a less nuanced and complicated way.

Now that we have gathered all the content we will be presenting in our final project, we need to find a web framework that we can use to display the content in an interactive way. We decided to use the the Cascade template in ESRI’s StoryMaps. We will first use the online ArcGIS to create a map that depicts each woman’s migration path, and we will then import these maps to the Cascade template with the narratives.

We have completed the week 6 and 7 objectives in our project timeline, and following our timetable, what we need to get done in week 8 is to create a story map for at least one woman using arcGIS and the cascade template. After that we want to build a web page that tells the background of our project and links to the story maps of all the women.

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