Java what?

Prior to this class, my CS science experience was minimal. Now I feel slightly better. Creating my wordpress website was sort of an exciting experience. I felt pretty cool having my own server space and thus decided to name it after my dorm room in an attempt to make it feel more like home. One trouble i did have is finding a way to link my about page to the home page. Currently, it can be accessed through this link┬ábut I’m still working on it.

Code academy was also a new experience for me having never really coded before. I found Javascript to be quite an intelligently designed language. Now I also now what the source of the really annoying pop-ups is! Coding thus far has been somewhat fun, trying to figure out what I did wrong and feeling a sense of accomplishment when something actually works. However, I feel this is probably just because I’m a beginner and will soon find less satisfaction in writing simple lines of code.

Nevertheless, I look forward to continuing the journey and personalizing my website so that it really becomes my own!

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