Just another Musser

I would like to begin my blog post by saying that you should wait before you judge me for choosing to model Musser Hall. The fact that Musser is conveniently rectangular is only half the reason I chose to model this building. The other half of my motivation stems from the historically erratic nature of Musser. Everybody knows that fourth Musser is the cultural hub of the campus. Seriously though it would be a crime to not have yet another model of this magnificent building.

Sarcasm aside, the experience of modelling Musser really was an interesting one. The biggest difficulty came from the fact that the photos of Musser I used weren’t exactly the highest quality. Also, there were only photos of one side which is why I only have one image of the front half of Musser. I think that if I were to do a more intricate modelling of any building on campus I would definitely have to take the time to get some high quality pictures. It would probably be best to go take the pictures by hand.

During the modelling itself it was also hard to add little intricacies such as protrusions as the overall image quality was really low. Nevertheless I believe that its these intricacies that really give the building a life-like feel. Modelling Musser also gave me a much greater appreciation for the building. Adding in the little intricacies showed me that Musser is actually more than just the rectangular prism everyone assumes it to be. All in all, modelling Musser was fun and would’ve been even better had there been better photos.

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  1. Because Musser is such a rectangular building, to begin with, it may be tempting to just draw a square and call it quits. However, your image shows that even adding simple indentations and extrusions can go a long way to making something really “pops.”

  2. At first I was like “man, Musser is a good one for this project because it’s just an ugly box anyways,” but then I saw you took the extra time to add the pillar details. A small thing really makes the model stand out. Good work!

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