Reverse engineering a DH Project

I read the DH project on visualizing slangs using a timeline to show what period what sort of slangs were created, and what different kinds of slangs were created during that period. The project’s name is called thetimelinesofslang, you can visit this page by clicking here.

The timelines were very intuitive to use and easy to understand. The picture at the bottom is an example of what the timeline looks like. The bottom grey bar shows the viewer what time period they are in and the colorful legend explains to us the variance’s in each slang. No slang is saved from thetimelinesofslang, it arms a plethora of different slangs ranging from larceny to the king and queen of all slangs, the penis and the vagina.


Some time periods have an explosion of creativity with new slangs, therefore sometimes if you are zoomed out too far you can’t see every slang created during that time period. Thats why the author gives us a magnifying slider so we can zoom in to see the specific dates that each slang was created if we want a more specific experience. And on the other side of the coin if you want a big overview of what time periods had big explosions of creativity you can zoom out.

The software system is one of the many sources that this DH project utilizes. The timeglider software is the overall structure of this DH project, this software is what provides the website with its interface. In my opinion timeglider is one of the sources that had the largest impact on this DH project. The slangs themselves come from the Green’s Dictionary of Slang, published in 2010.

The main processes that is used to access this site is through the internet. More specifically this DH project is hosted on the timeglider’s servers. Since the Timeglider software system plays the biggest part in this DH project, most of the processes go through the Timeglider servers.

The presentation of this DH project to put it simple is of a timeline. But this timeline is different because a lot of timelines I’ve found are all static in the way you can view the different events on the line itself. This timeline has an interact element to it, you can change the time scale, or you can use the legend to see different variations of the slang you are looking for.


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