To Code or Not to Code

I was unsure about where to post the newest blog, so I ended up posting it on the new web pages we had created. It can be seen Here.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

2 Replies to “To Code or Not to Code”

  1. To what extent you mean by “should be skilled enough in the way computers function to be able to alter said mediums” written by others? How much altering do you think someone should be able to do?

    (PS. I liked the image of Shakespeare at his desktop. To me he looks like he’s thinking “SHOULD I kill her off? Or should I not?” while writing his next play)

    1. What I was trying to convey was that extensive knowledge in computer programming should most definitely not be made a necessity, however, everyone should have a basic understanding of how a computer thinks and functions.
      How far should this knowledge go? On that point I’m uncertain. however, I would recommend enough schooling to be able to compose in coding skill what a 5 paragraph (1 page) essay would be in the literary world. (hope that makes sense)

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