For this assignment I decided to try and recreate my current dorm, the elegant and beautiful Musser building. I also, like David, ran into trouble finding good photos of the dorm on the Carleton databases and had to resort to google. Luckily there was a decent picture that provided a good angle for the type of mapping that we were trying to do. I found it was hard if not impossible to get the photo to perfectly line up with the rectangular form I was using to mimic Musser but after getting it as close as I thought possible, it was very helpfulĀ in assisting the rest of the details of the building. Here is my recreation:

I also agree with David that for type of mapping to be successful, you must take very deliberate photos of your subject. I think this is honestly more helpful in giving the user a good scale to work with in the 3D modeling process to later get painted over with better textures.

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