My home stay house

Considering my first experience in 2-D or 3-D modeling using computer software using Sketchup, I judged that building a twenty-story apartment which I live in is not applicable. So, I attempted to create a model of the house that I homestayed in high school.
The structure of the house is simple enough, but what I like the most about the house is that it has two big glasses on the roof.

One thing that I had hard time, was the actual size/dimension of the house. I started out big 20×20 meters and I kept making. After I finished and put a car by the house, however, the dimension of the house was way greater than it should be. A window is like 3 meters high…

Well, I think I should have started out with a person or other objects as a reference of size, since it is easy to over or underestimate. But, this gave me a lesson that designing a good design should be come first.

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