Skinner Memorial Chapel Image Model

For my building chose, Skinner Chapel because it’s one of the most Iconic landmarks on campus and it thought that modeling it would be an interesting endeavor.

I started by grabbing the google earth image for the building via “Geo-location” in sketch up. Once I had the base image I drew on the building basic exterior structure and extruded the building upward. With a rough exterior model for me to overlay the pictures, I could begin inserting the images I had found on the Archives data base.

Of all the images available I could only find two of the chapel taken from a corner angle without trees or other opticals; one was from the front left and the other from the front right:

After spending a good chunk of time overlaying and adjusting the model/ images I realized that the back side of the building was largely uncovered and thus I imported some pictures of the general web to complete the creation.

After good tweaking  later I ended up with a somewhat cohesive model; However I can definitely understand why this technique is better suited for quantity over quality

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  1. It looks really awesome that it captures texture of the chapel. Although in closer look it might look weird, it captures the essence of the building and seems authentic, especially the last image!

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