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  1. It was impressive that you guys collected huge amount of data spending extensive amount of time, yet ended up not being able to use most of them for confidential issues. But, the timelines of changes of student body coming from all over the world looked very nice.

  2. I really like the student location map – I think it does a pretty good job showing the demographic changes of the Carleton student body. I also especially like how the dots fade for four years, an aspect that I attributed to the four years a student would spend at Carleton. If that was intentional, great job. If not, still great job.

  3. Sorry your data analysis didn’t work out, as has been mentioned before it’s still quite a feat to have accomplished even without a final product. Since you mentioned there wasn’t really a reason to host the information anywhere (like a website) during your presentation, I’d recommend going through the process anyways. In our case that was one of the funnest parts of the project, and even if it doesn’t apply to what your initial ideas for the project were, you learn quite a bit about website running while trying to get everything to fit the theme of your presentation.

  4. Team Alumni,

    You all accomplished a lot through trial and error in this project and the results took you through many of the steps most DH projects would involve, from data collection through processing (and processing, and processing!) to final analysis and presentation on the web. It was unfortunate that you were not able to link data in the way you had hoped, but you were nevertheless able to make some interesting and informative visualizations of changes to the Carleton student body over time.

    Your final write up of the project is admirably detailed about all of the different directions and techniques you tried along the way. My major concern, however, is that you have included screen shots of information from the zoobooks that expose the student data you so carefully anonymized before uploading to ArcGIS! Please redact/remove these images ASAP.

    I agree with Wes, that it would be a good idea to host a version of this as a standalone site, with the detailed information you include on the one long post broken into separate site pages. The work you did here deserves a showcase, and a final presentation on a separate domain (with all personal information removed) would do it justice. Good work!

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