Childhood House

Attached you can find four screen captures of the reconstruction of my childhood house. A little background on this building filled with memory– My family shared a condo with our renter, so my parents, our renter, and I lived on the left side of the house. I remember really enjoying the small patio on the second floor and playing in the storage room on the side.

It was fairly easy to remodel my house, because structurally, it shares many similarities with the dog house model we drew in class. But I was struck by how difficult/time consuming it was to (attempt to) draw the fences on the second-floor patio–the surface that they should have been drawn on is stretched all the way inward, meaning that I had to draw them on the inner wall, and hope that from a distance, they all should look the same.

tip: As part of the nature of a popular/mostly free application, SketchUp has a lot of online resources, including YouTube tutorials, forums, videos, etc. So when in doubt, always consult google first, since the possibility of you running into an already-solved problem on the internet could really surprise you!

(I tried this when I was trying to figure out where my toolbox disappeared to…)


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  1. Nice house! Everything looks very symmetrical. Did you use inferencing from midpoints or the ruler tool to measure, or did you just eyeball it? I’m glad you discovered how much is available on the internet — Googling for help is a skill that will apply throughout this course!

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