Databases and other musings

My journey to the back end of word press was filled mostly with confusion. Indeed I explored the intricacies of phpMyAdmin though was mostly lost amongst the cluster or tables with names i mostly did not understand. However it did give me a new perspective on how the data from the word press site is actually represented in the back end. It’s like hving a blank space filled in my mind. Like when I found out how certain parts of the body worked in biology class, something I had never really considered before was now slightly clearer to me. I feel it has benefited me in the sense that these databases are often used to represent many of the websites I visit on a daily basis so therefore possessing knowledge of them is perhaps not much different than knowing about biological functions.

Moving on the two databases we learned about were relational and flat databases. Much like its name suggests, flat databases are much simpler. They are good are categorizing small data sets though often have redundancies and are inefficient. Furthermore, they aren’t able to envelop larger databases. Yet they are simple and much easier to use and get started with when compared to the more elaborate relational databases.

In contrast, relational databases are as mentioned much more complex. They can be used with much larger data sets yet are generally difficult to get working. Because of this, they are much less user friendly than flat databases. However they are much more efficient and much better at categorizing.

In conclusion both these databases have pros and cons and should be used in different scenarios.

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