Final stretch

This week is the final week of the class and we are preparing our presentation as well as the website for the final class. In terms of the website we have completed all the component parts, meaning the maps and the cityengine files along with the text which talks about our process.

We are now focused more on the presentation itself. Here we are planning to divide up the different sections, giving each member 6 slides equalling out to 18 slides. The remaining two slides we will use as start and finish slides. In terms of the presentation itself we want to show the process we went through. This involved not only creating the cityengine and Arcgis map files but also the process of data collection and going to archives. We also want to talk about the hypotheses that we had and now those changed over time in accordance to the data which we were able to collect

Hopefully everything will work out as planned and we will have a great presentation!

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