I was originally interested in trying to model Watson, my freshman dorm. However there aren’t any right angle on Watson, the corners are all cut at 45 degree angles. This made placing the origin almost impossible. I got frustrated, bailed on a lot of effort thrown at my Watson model, and tried to fall back on Musser.

It isn’t anything more than a big rectangle, but even this felt clunky. I could never get all of the axes to line up properly. I think I would have been better off making my own model and projecting the images on to that. Making the model from the images really isn’t advisable.

All of this being said, I do think that this tool is useful in the context of a much stronger tool belt that is SketchUp. If I took my own pictures, I could make realistic materials for my models. Photo Match does NOT let you cut corners as far as making your model goes.

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  1. I never noticed the 45 degree cut corners before!

    I think a lot of the visual clunkiness comes from almost photo-real textures put on a shape that is devoid of texture. I keep looking at these textures and even when they line up well against the model, I get the sense that I’m looking at those life-size wall decals but building sized.

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