My House

I was somewhat concerned by the vagueness of Austin’s instructions at first when regarding this assignment, yet working through it one realizes the difficulty in finding a good stopping point, since there always seem to be more details missing. My memory not being the best didn’t help, but not beginning the basis of the house to-scale became an issue towards the end, where all my doors were different sizes, among other issues. I think the biggest problem was the lack of accuracy, detail-wise, as mentioned before.The colors and patterns of the walls especially never seemed to fit right, and made me question other choices in its makeup.
The house itself is built essentially as a mirror to its neighbour, attached to each other at one side, making it difficult to have ever gotten a wholesome view of it.

All in all, the assignment was pretty fun, and I believe it could be improved with some more dedication, some more skills with the program, and maybe a real image of the house to compare the model to.

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  1. I’m glad you were able to power through despite my (purposely) vague instructions. Figuring out where the limits of your knowledge and skill are as you go along is part of our work in this class, and I’d say you cam to great results.

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