SketchUp 101, Childhood House

Jan. 12 In class:


Tried to draw a chimney but failed 🙁 Will make this house prettier later…

Jan. 15 Update:

I grew up in a big, crowded city and there are very few houses near the city center (I guess only the richest people can afford a house). I thus lived in apartments throughout my childhood. Building a 3D model for an apartment building I lived/live in seemed too ambitious for a SketchUp beginner. Thus I decided to make a 3D model of my grandparents’ house in the countryside where I spent almost every summer of my childhood.

Its layout is pretty simple: a one-layer kitchen attached to a two-layer house. I figured out how to add a chimney to the kitchen roof, which is good. But I couldn’t figure out how to draw the wooden front door so that it is not in a “closed” state. I actually spent most of my time figuring out how to draw “open” doors, but failed. So I guess I will just leave the door closed in my 3D model (although during the day, the door is always opened). Some other things I found hard to draw using the basic tools are  the two trash cans (and lids) and the fish tank in the front yard. So I drew something similar to the dog food bowls we did in class.

A tip for other novice SketchUp users: Apple Magic mouse doesn’t support the orbit mode, and is thus harder to use for SketchUp than a normal mouse. I used the Apple mouse in class but a normal mouse to finish up my drawings later. The normal mouse definitely makes life better.


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