Team Mudd Action Items Update

In class on Thursday we investigated methods that we could use to make photo globes throughout Mudd, as well as presentation methods for the final product. Since we’ve all done work over the weekend, here is a general update on progress:


  • Worked on the 3D model of Mudd’s exterior
  • Next step: Complete and add textures


  • Photographed MANY rocks from the Geology department
  • Rendered photographs of 4 rocks into 3D models (because rendering </3)




  • Collected room numbers and colloquial names for 1st floor Mudd
  • Solicited help of friendly Chemistry major for a tour of 1st and 2nd floors on Wednesday (2nd floor locked from stairwell 5pm-8am weekdays and all day weekends. Labs locked except for classes)
  • Pared down form responses to those that can grammatically/contextually stand alone
  • Loosely prioritized locations for photo globes into 4 categories (High Priority, Mid Priority, Low Priority, Priority?)
  • Next Step: Go to second floor during normal school hours with friendly Chem major and complete directory list. Annotate floor maps with prioritized shot list.

6 Replies to “Team Mudd Action Items Update”

  1. I’m impressed by the organization your group seems to display as you work through the necessary steps to a final product.

    I also love the 3D models of the rocks! Are you planning on creating some sort of compendium of the cool rocks in Mudd? I, personally, would love that. I bet there are lots of display cases with interesting rocks just waiting to be modeled and catalogued.

    Great jobb, Team Mudd.

    1. Creating a complete compendium of rocks from Mudd would be amazing! However, that would take longer to finish than Mudd has. Many rock samples are also not suitable for digitization. Anything with reflective/glossy/transparent pieces or too complex of a structure isn’t really suitable for photogrammetry (as far as I can go) yet

    1. hello Wes.
      It is I, Brittany of the digital rocks.
      It takes me many many many hours sometimes. Depends on if the rock plays nice and aligns itself or needs manual merging markers. Right now I have 5-6ish rocks I’m happy with and while I’d love to do more, I’m afraid I just won’t have the time before the end of term. I’m happy with the ones I do have however.

  2. Awesome project! I loved that you guys included small important details like zooming in on one part of the panorama, also I admire your dedicated to the craft (photographing all the rocks/fossils)!

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