Why isn’t my roof straight?

My experience of sketchup today in class was below average. I would not consider myself a particularly tech savvy person so when my sketchup decided to continually tab for no reason I was a bit anxious. Ultimately, my dog house was unfit even for a dog. Yet the experience of trying to create a 3D objects was novel and fun. I think that although sketchup is intuitive to a certain extent. However in order to create a cohesive structure one does have to have foresight and some degree of planning. One of the things I found sort of annoying is how hard it is to backtrack in this program. I often found myself discovering mistakes after returning to previous parts of my structure. I found that it was difficult to alter previous components without disrupting the entire structure itself and thus ended up with and unevenly roofed doghouse. However, tis but another hurdle in the sketchup journey. Hopefully one day I’ll graduate from making godhouses and will get to recreate the all so beautiful Musser Hall.

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