Will Richards Childhood House

Hi friends!  Shown below is two 2D images of my house that I grew up in.  This is a somewhat simplified model of the house, but it certainly captures its essence.

The Tricky part for me was definitely the roof.  I struggled to make a line on a rectangle that I could pull up to make the roof.  When I figured that out, I spent a bit of time figuring out how to make intersecting figures.  When finalizing my house, I would rotate my camera to find many perspective errors.  Things that looked straight and parallel/perpendicular from camera angle would not from another.

TIP: When making complicated objects, build up from small objects.

I started with simple rectangles to make the base of my house.  I next moved on to construct the shapes needed for the roof.  Once I had the main structure of my house, I proceeded to draw in details, and give them some depth.  Once I had the details I wanted, I added in textures.  I was unable to find textures that looked exactly like my old house, so the coloring of it is a bit off. I also skimped on the amount of detail, as my real house is more complicated than my model.  Overall I am happy with how my house turned out, and I was surprised how easy it was to make something that looks so close to my actually house.



Will “NightRaven” Richards is a Junior CS major with hopes of winning it all someday. He is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and enjoys both playing and databasing Hearthstone. He was once on a professional League of Legends team, and last year scored a hat trick in soccer on his birthday. His favorite food is Code Red Mountain Dew, and his favorite coding language is C++.


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  1. Nice work! Yes, the process you describe, starting from a simple mass model and progressively adding detail and textures, is the best one to use for architectural modeling. If you’re having trouble with things aligning without rotating, remember: inferences are your friends.

  2. I really liked the tip you gave:
    TIP: When making complicated objects, build up from small objects.
    (Trying to use the cite tag here; hope it works…)

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